Being pivotal in ensuring that Company provides the highest level of customer service delivery, CSD is responsible for the products and services to run smoothly and adhere to appropriate SLA’s, on a 16/7 basis, works closely with other teams on a daily basis in order to provide operational management, analysis and reporting, consulting and revenue target achievement support, as well as monitors the delivery and the ongoing execution of betting products, projects and services.

Responsibilities and Duties

▪ Ensure the effective monitoring, control and support of service delivery, ensuring best practice system, methodologies and procedures.

▪ Ensure the rollout of new products and services are effectively coordinated both internally and externally.

▪ Represent Company brands in all customer contacts, giving the best service possible via email, phone and online chat – customer inquiries include information on services, games, bets and other products/services provided by the Company and part of excellent customer service is building retention with customers, making them feel welcomed and special.

▪ Provide support on gaming, financial, technical and any other applicable issue related to the CSD.

▪ Assist customers with their KYC (Know your customer) procedure – Also work closely with Fraud team in this matter.

▪ Being the first one handling customer’s issues and understanding them from their perspective, gives feedback to other departments helping constantly improve the platform in a way it reflects the customer’s perspective.

▪ Continuously evaluate and identify opportunities to drive improvements in operations that positively impact on service delivery and to enhance the efficiency and quality of deliverables.

▪ Monitor various operational issues and provide advice around areas of product development and go-to-market activities.

▪ Obtain and verify the information for incoming orders.

▪ Enter orders into the database with accurate information.

▪ Maintain the call center database and update the contact log.

▪ Provide service by answering customer questions and offering assistance.

▪ Handle customer complaints under company guidance and seek assistance when needed.

▪ Offer suggestions for streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

▪ Report malfunctioning equipment and software to supervisors.

▪ Participate in educational opportunities in order to keep your job knowledge up to date.

▪ Handle calls with professionalism and courtesy.


Provide uninterrupted service by:

▪ Helping customers with all their enquiries,

▪ Clarifying Company Terms and Conditions when needed,

▪ Explaining how to use the games and services,

▪ Assisting customers with on-going marketing campaigns,

▪ Logging the tasks in accordance with Company guidelines,

▪ Escalating and following up customer cases when needed.

▪ Continuously getting customers feedback and delivering to the Product Management team.


Knowledge, Techniques, Skills

▪ Experience in Product or Gaming sectors will be highly appreciated /Previous experience in Gaming or keen interest in sports or casino games

▪ Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English

▪ Solid communication skills

▪ Ability to work independently as well as part of a team

▪ Ability to function as a self-starter with emphasis on getting things done

▪ Ability to meet deadlines

▪ Computer skills, including Microsoft Office applications


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